Eric Dovik

Eric Dovik

Eric Dovik is the chief author at and the person who created this project, inspired our entire team, and gave us encouragement to deliver fundamentally better content for all international singles. 

Though Eric is just in his mid-thirties, he already has profound expertise and years of experience as a journalist, writer, and psychologist. In 2011, Eric got into Kent State University, Ohio, and four years later, he got his first bachelor’s degree in Journalism. At that time, Eric was already working as a freelance author at FlexJobs, but he realized that he was not going to become a full-time journalist for one political media like he expected when starting at the university. 

He kept working but also entered Ohio University to get his first master’s degree in psychology.  Eric mostly focused on what people call experimental psychology, specifically, social psychology. He chose Psychology of Personal and Professional Intercultural Relationships & Communication as his master’s thesis, and that was the very first time when Eric started exploring the world of international dating. 

As he now notes, his decision to join an international dating site to analyze the differences between local and intercultural dating was his first step to a new ultimate area of professional interest. 

After graduation, Eric kept working as a freelance author for multiple online media websites, including professional platforms like PsychNewsDaily. Though the topics he researched were diverse, he still mostly focused on anthropology and sociology, paying special attention to all the tiniest aspects of cross-cultural communication and trying to spot all the factors that may affect how people from different social environments interact with one another and build relationships. 

It wasn’t only his professional but also personal interest. Eric now notes that a huge part of what he knows now comes from his own experience. He used multiple international dating sites and met women from Asia, Latin America, and Europe online and then offline, but he never tried to approach as many international singles as possible “for science.” As Eric said, that was never on purpose, as the only way to make a relationship work is to start it with a person you are attracted to at every level. It also explains why exploring the national characters and dating culture is his main passion—Eric tries to provide the most useful information that may help every man understand what the likelihood of meeting such a woman is in different countries. 

Eric is still not married now. He says that though he knows many coping strategies, starting a family makes sense only if your compatibility and values match perfectly, so he keeps looking for the ideal partner, helping others learn more about dating, whatever their relationship goals are.

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